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Roach V

  • Teams Leader
  • Technology Director
  • Front End Developer
  • Dog Dad
  • Helpless Islanders Fan

David Roach is a technology director, and lead front-end developer in the greater New York City area. David is the 5th of his name (hence, "five"), which makes any family affair (where there are multiple Davids) pretty complex.

More importantly, David has 11 years of proven development experience leading development teams as a technical director and front-end developer.

David has worked with small to large creative and development teams building best-in-class responsive, accessible web applications, microsites, and portals.

David is craft-focused, an advocate for technology, and a pragmatic problem solver. He believes in being technology-agnostic, yet informed and well-rounded; better equipped to solve for a broad range of complex business problems.

As a team leader, David has continuously demonstrated the ability to foster great people, not just good developers.

Articulate and with a real ability to translate complex technical problems into cogent and flexible solutions, David is a strong client-partner and discipline lead.

Fast Facts

11 Years

of experience(s)

mostly good


91-pound lab named Barney

25+ Brands

from finance to travel, hospitality, food/beverage, and luxury automotive

108 Years

the approximate age of our house

which we're slowly modernizing

Fmaj7 add(b5)

my favorite guitar chord

2 Years

and counting, as husband-in-chief

she's my boss

Hard Skills

  • HTMLPretty darn good
  • CSSLike a second-skin
  • JavaScript (ES5/6)console.log('no issues here');
  • React JS/React Native/Functional ReactWhat's a word for stronger?
  • TypeScriptFriends. Always happy to reconnect.
  • Redux/MobXTo be stateful, or not not to be stateful?
  • PHP (Laravel/Symfony/Cake)We have a history.
  • Headless/JAMStack DevelopmentWho needs a head anyway?
  • API Development & DebuggingEveryone needs a good REST.
  • CI/CD & AutomationJust like in the Carousel of Progress.
  • Gulp/Webpack/Grunt/RequireThat was a mouthful.
  • Node.jsOverdue for a chat over a beer.
  • Yarn/NPMWe talk everyday.
  • GIT/SVNPut a fork in it.
  • AWS Certified Cloud PractionerPending final exam.


  • WordPressExpert
  • SiteCorePrior Experience
  • Adobe Experience ManagerPrior Experience
  • Adobe Magento (Magento 2)Proficient
  • ShopifyExpert
  • GatsbyJSExpert
  • ContentfulExpert
  • NetlifyExpert
  • DrupalPrior Experience
  • Assemble.ioExpert
  • HugoExpert
  • MiddlemanExpert
  • JenkinsExpert
  • Atlassian Deployment WorkflowExpert
  • DeploybotExpert
  • Docker/KubernetesProficient


  • Cadillac
    • Technology Lead
  • SiriusXM Radio
    • Technology Lead
  • American Express Travel
    • Technology Lead
  • Wyndham Vacation Ownership
    • Technology Lead
  • Jerry Seinfeld
    • Lead Front End
  • Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
    • Lead Front End
  • The Venetian Las Vegas
    • Technology Lead
  • JetBlue
    • Technology Lead
  • VitaminWater
    • Lead Front End
  • Powerade
    • Lead Front End
  • White Castle
    • Technology Consultant
  • Vibram USA
    • Lead Front End
  • Marvel
    • Lead Front End
  • Capcom
    • Lead Front End
  • Nintendo
    • Lead Front End
  • Bandai/Namco
    • Lead Front End
  • One&Only Resorts
    • Senior Front End
  • William Grant (various brands)
    • Lead Front End
  • Edrington
    • Lead Front End
  • Stoli Vodka
    • Technical Lead
  • North American Breweries
    • Technical Lead
  • Sweet'N Low
    • Senior Front End
  • Pirates Booty
    • Senior Front End
  • JPMorgan Chase & Co.
    • Front End
  • New World Pasta
    • Front End